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Every great business starts with a great idea. From there you grow your network, shape your image, and reach your target audience. To truly excel at this, businesses need a marketing strategy. And to bring that to life, they need dedicated marketers who know what works. 

Some companies hire an in-house marketing coordinator, who will oversee their entire strategy. We believe, however, that in the grand scheme of things hiring an outsourced marketing team is superior! 


The Importance of Marketing

It’s crucial for leaders to take a step back and think about their company’s future. 

  • What do your sales goals look like? 
  • Are you well-versed in the changes to your industry? 
  • Do you know what your competitors are doing, or what they plan to do?
  • What’s the best way to communicate with your customers?

An outsourced marketing team is prepared to tackle these questions and manage large-scale projects. The team is there to develop and implement new strategies that will increase awareness of your company and improve sales. People with varied experiences and expertise have been hired to round out their overall knowledge, preparing them for many challenges.

Marketing teams are groups of people who can:
  • Be on top of marketing trends and tools
  • Create brand-specific assets for your company
  • Review analytics to deduce customer satisfaction and engagement
  • Participate in meetings to define goals
  • Align goals with your sales team
  • Manage social media and email campaigns
  • Create, review, and develop written content for your company



To get ahead in your industry, it’s important that the details of your marketing plan are polished to perfection. That’s where a marketing team can really help you succeed! They’re well-versed in industry standards and have a fount of knowledge they can pull from.

Everything works together like a well-oiled machine. And it all starts with the initial introduction.


Sales Creates Marketing, Marketing Creates Sales

At MPSToolbox, our group is divided into four teams: sales, account management, development, and marketing. Our sales team supports customers through the creation of their website and future sales goals.

Strategic account managers handle the stock inventory, supplies, and immediate assistance for our customers. They aren’t in charge of our company’s marketing. However, they get to know our customers and their needs. From there, the strategic account managers provide insightful suggestions to customers about their marketing.


“You never just want to reach your current goals. It should always be ‘what’s next.’”

-Michael Parada, Strategic Account Manager for MPSToolbox


While it’s fair to say that not every outsourced marketing team will have this role to support them, every marketing team will have an initial point of contact. This person invites the client to share their goals for the future and helps define new opportunities.

Most often that point of contact will be the leader of the marketing team. Our own team, alongside the support of the strategic account manager, is no different. We too have a fearless leader who’s ready to engage with clients and expand on vital campaign strategies.


Leading the Dream Team

Behind every great team is an exceptional leader. For us, this is the Marketing Director. Their main responsibilities is to coordinate efforts between each member of the team to bring the client’s vision to life. They have weekly meetings with clients, research the latest trends in the market, and flesh out ideas both internally and with your team.

To succeed, marketing directors are often gregarious and passionate, wanting more than anything to actively engage with clients. A marketing director is always prepared to suggest new ideas, letting their creativity shine through as they demonstrate their dedication to your vision.


“Marketing is constantly changing. You can’t stick with the status-quo. You should be motivated to learn about and implement the latest trends.”

-Chantal Lauzon, Marketing Director and Project Manager for MPSToolbox


Once a marketing director has brainstormed with clients about future campaigns, they can bring these ideas to their team. From there they delegate tasks to the appropriate teammate and strategize to ensure consistency throughout the campaign.

When that’s done, they cycle back to conversing with the client and working on new campaigns. A marketing director is always one step ahead. They’re constantly researching and preparing for the future.


With Analysis Comes Insight

While the marketing director is the eyes and ears of the marketing team, always looking out for clients and discovering trends, the digital marketing specialist is the brain. At the start of every campaign, research is performed to optimize the chance of its success. At the end, all the valuable email KPIs and page view data is gathered for analysis.

“A digital marketing specialist should have a desire to constantly learn new things, an interest and competency in doing research, and be highly self-motivated.”

-Joanna Stolz, Digital Marketing Specialist for MPSToolbox


With this valuable data each campaign grows stronger. Everything from search engine optimization to key performance indicators are studied by the digital marketing specialist, who approaches the data from an analytic point of view. They share their findings with the rest of the team, observing where the campaign saw the most success and noting what could be improved.

Creativity is essential to launching campaigns, but analytics keeps them alive and well.

Once data is observed, the numbers flow back through the creative pipe. Research is then used to formulate new, stronger ideas.


A Vision Come to Life

With a great idea, much research, and a gusto for the arts, the creative team is now ready to perform their magic. For those artistically inclined, it can be challenging to chameleon their style. Such is not the case for a graphic designer and a copywriter.


“You catch on quickly that every client is different. You have to change your style to whatever you’re working on at the time.”

-Danielle Adams, Graphic Designer for MPSToolbox


Manifesting visions into reality is the work of the creative team. After the marketing director and digital marketing specialist have invested many hours working out the nitty-gritty details of a campaign, the creative team tackles the content creation.

Every company has an identity; something that makes you stand out in the crowd. Catchy slogans, strong blogs, visually stunning logos, and appealing layouts are the heart of marketing campaigns. It’s these details that encourage people to think of you later. To remember your brand.


“Finding the perfect sentence that matches a company’s brand. Stringing together the right words to encapsulate one product’s purpose. That is the business of copywriting.”

-Autumn Skye, Copywriter for MPSToolbox


Like Frankenstein in his lab, the creative team works tirelessly to stitch the pieces of the campaign together. Once the content has been crafted, reviewed, and edited it’s handed over to the development team. The kinks are worked out, final edits are made, and the team can step back and breathe a sigh of relief. It’s live!


Collaboration Creates Success

When you hire an in-house marketer to do your campaigns you’re asking them to accomplish everything previously laid out alone. As a team, we’ve come to realize that everything we do is interconnected. Our resilience, accomplishments, and the success of our campaigns are all the result of support and collaboration.  


“Most of the time spent is working alongside the graphic designer. Being able to work with somebody definitely makes [the job] more enjoyable.”

-Josh Switzer, Software & Web Developer for MPSToolbox


There are members of our team who love connecting and meeting new people, while others prefer the solitude of creative work. Some take an analytic approach, while others visualize the future. To ask one person to manage campaigns, brainstorm ideas, support sales, design images, write content, and develop your website is a lot! There’s no one person who has all the skills necessary to complete every one of these tasks effectively. 


“A lot of the stuff here is connected––all funneled through. It’s a dependent way of working. Not in a bad way, but in a collaborative way.”

-Noah Miller, Junior Web Developer for MPSToolbox


Marketing agency collaborating on a campaign at a desk brainstorming on paper.

That’s why outsourcing marketing is beneficial to companies. You get to work with a dynamic team of forward-thinking, creative, and dedicated marketers who have the time to make each campaign the best it can be. Each step of a campaign is properly looked after and no details fall through the cracks. 

With in-house marketing, there’s always the possibility that something will be missed. Tasks are rushed, your employee is stressed, and the product suffers as a result. An outsourced marketing team has the time, knowledge, and support necessary to complete tasks on time and produce high-quality results.


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