Creating a Staff Account in Shopify

Allow individual team members to log in to your Shopify admin account and access important features.

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Creating Customers

Make it easy for your customers to shop your products by creating an account for them.

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Resending Account Invites in Shopify

Has your customer not accepted their account? Follow these steps to help them complete activation.

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Selling Your Products

Creating Quotes

Send quotes with custom pricing levels directly to your customer's account.

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Creating Favorites Lists

Choose the products your customers want to transact on with easily accessible lists.

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Setting Up Discounts in Shopify

Want to offer a special promotion? Follow these simple steps to apply a discount at checkout.

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Fulfilling Orders

Processing Orders in Shopify

You received an order—now what? Here's how to mark it fulfilled and complete the transaction.

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Managing Addresses

If your customer has multiple ship to and bill to addresses, you can manage them by following these steps.

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Getting Started

In order to use Supply Cupboard, you need to ensure that:

  1. Your PrintFleet or FMAudit account is connected to MPSToolbox (your Account Manager can verify this for you).
  2. The customer you plan to connect to Supply Cupboard has an account in MPSToolbox. Please refer to the tutorial above for instructions on Creating Customers in MPSToolbox.

Accessing Supply Cupboard

Need to access the Supply Cupboard tool in MPSToolbox to start mapping? Find it here.

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Mapping Customer Accounts to RMS Accounts

The first step in setting up Supply Cupboard is mapping accounts. Here's how.

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Mapping Printers in Your Customer's Fleet

Once you've mapped accounts, you need to map printers—follow these steps.

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Additional Device Categories

Do you see a device category you're not familar with? It might be one of the following...

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Customizing the Dashboard

Changing the Default and Individual Supply Preferences

Choose between OEM and compatible supplies for your customer.

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Making Transactional Devices Contracted

Make contracted devices display a supply price of $0 by following these steps.

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Ignoring & Re-adding Devices

Control what devices are displayed by unmapping or ignoring a device model or individual device.

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Editing Price on Specific SKUs

Need a specific price on a SKU for a customer? No problem!

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Customer Front-End View

You've setup Supply Cupboard for a customer, what does it look like when they visit your site?

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