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What MPS Toolbox will offer you:

MPS Toolbox leverages your expertise and your remote monitoring system to drive those customers to your website to buy supplies.

E-Commerce Functionalities

Your online environment will be fully e-commerce integrated, so that customers can buy  any product on your site.

Your online store is integrated with a secure payment getaway that accepts all major credit cards at a competitive rate ( 2.9% + $0.30/transaction).

You have access to customizable discount codes and coupons for on-boarding new clients or pushing specific sales.
Your website will be hosted securely. The platform (Shopify) currently hosts over 275,000 e-commerce sites. 
At no point will MPS Toolbox have ownership of your site. Of course, we want to build a long-lasting relationship. But, it's important that our customers have total ownership of their investment. 

Unique MPS Functionalities

MPS Toolbox will take the current look, feel, and functionality of your website and migrate it into an e-commerce platform. Your brand integrity will be conserved within the new platform. We can also customize the layout of your site into a different look and feel.  
Adding new products, discontinuing old ones and changing prices can be a time consuming task. MPS Toolbox can integrate directly with your distributors and update prices and SKUs automatically. 
Every site build or migration is executed with SEO best practices. 
All sites are equipped with Google Analytics code to ensure you have the ability to understand the traffic your website receives. 
Now that you have the ability to sell online, why not drive sales through online marketing? Take advantage of Google's "local specific" algorythms to showcase products to your local market. Need help with this type of marketing campaign? Ask us how we can help. 
With MPS Toolbox's heritage deeply rooted in Managed Print Services programs, you will have access to all of our assessment, proposal, and quoting tools. 
MPS Toolbox will set up a base pricing for new customers. (Example: Cost+Desired Margin) But, you will have some clients who required better pricing based on volume or relationship. You can customize each customer with the "Cost +" model and specify the margin you want to see from each account. 
Your e-commerce site will be able to take all major credit cards. For the same reasons you would need custom pricing for some customers, you might want to offer terms to some accounts. This is easily done by applying a setting to the client account allowing them to transact via a purchase order. 

MPS Toolbox - Supplies automation ecosystem

How does the Supply Cupboard work on MPS Toolbox?

Step 1:
Import clients from your RMS

Step 2:
Supplies email alert sent to your customers

Step 3:
Supplies Cupboard

Step 4:
Buy other supplies online

MPS Toolbox is the only solution on the market that will show you a clear path to increasing your profits and revenue, instantly, within each of your customer accounts.


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