What to Expect: Management & Support

We're here to help.

Once you’ve launched your e-commerce portal or full site with MPSToolbox, ongoing maintenance is taken care of by your dedicated Account Manager.

Need to change out images or website copy? Just let your Account Manager know and he/she will look after that for you.
Need new products made available on your website? No problem.
Your Account Manager is always available to provide additional training and software support. If you would like to request a specific software software training session, they can be found below.
Your Account Manager is your business' e-commerce growth partner. Through training sessions, goal-setting, and accountability meetings, you'll work together to increase your digital revenue.

We'll train your team.

As part of your ongoing Management & Support, you’re able to participate in the following training sessions.

1. System Overview (30-60 minutes)

What We’ll Cover:
  • Your New Interface
  • Adjusting Pricing Margin Levels

2. Using MPSToolbox (60 minutes)

What We’ll Cover:
  • Adding Customers
  • Creating Quotes
  • Creating Favourites

3. Processing Orders in MPSToolbox & Shopify (30 minutes)

What We’ll Cover:
  • Turn Draft Order into Real Order
  • Mark Payment Mark Fulfillment
Managing Supply Cupboard (1-hour)

What We’ll Cover:
  • Map Customer Account to RMS
  • Account Map Device Models
  • Ignore/Unignore Device Model
  • Change Default Supply Preference
  • Mark Device Contracted
  • Change Supply Price/Remove Price Change
Managing Your Catalogue (30-60 minutes)

What We’ll Cover:
  • Turn Categories On/Off
  • Search SKUs
  • Turn SKUs On/Off
  • Set Filters
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