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A Canadian Rant on US Thanksgiving

19 November 2018 | Norm McConkey



If you didn’t know before this rant, you know it now: I’m Canadian. Every time I pronounce process “PRO-cess”, and not “PRAW-cess”, I get called out. Putting a “u” in labour or favourite gets me spellchecked every time. It is true, I’m from the socialist paradise better known as Canada.

I’ve been fortunate enough to visit every state, in the lower 48, over the course of my career. Wyoming and Alabama were the hardest to justify with my employers, “what business do we have there?” So, I feel like it's time to take my unique American perspective for a walk. I’m not going to say anything about universal healthcare, legalized pot, gay marriage, or even that interesting guy you have leading the place, that keeps bumping up the ratings of FOX News and CNN. (Editor's Note: our Prime Minister is a former high school drama teacher—Canadians shouldn’t talk about how qualified our leader is.) My beef (or in this case, my turkey) is with your Thanksgiving holiday.



Who puts a holiday on a Thursday? If it were only about the one day, I’d let it pass, but it really should be called Domino Thursday. Friday’s left hanging on its own, and who the heck is going to go into work on the Friday after the Thursday holiday? I usually get the old saw, “You can get ahold of me, but I’ll be working from home,” response to a meeting request. Then there’s Wednesday. Since the teleporter has yet to be invented, Wednesday is “Travel Day.” Not a day off, a travel day. In my books, if a day falls between Monday and Friday and you are not working, it’s a day off, but somehow it falls into another realm in America—the travel day. Day two taken out by the Thanksgiving Thursday domino. Bring on Tuesday.

Or, as Tuesday has now become known, “Logistics Day.” Whether you are preparing for travel or taking your inner Martha Stewart out for a spin, Tuesday is strictly off limits for planning anything work-related. The cover statement is “I’ll be tying up some loose ends.” We all know the Tuesday before Thanksgiving is probably the least productive day in America.


So, there you are. Stretching one lonely holiday into four. If anyone asks though, it's just the one day off. Hey, wait a minute! Maybe that’s the point, eh? While we think we’re being all efficient, just taking off Monday for Canadian Thanksgiving, you lot have figured out the secret holiday recipe: make it Thursday.


Happy Thanksgiving 

I guess what I really mean to say is, Happy Thanksgiving to our American cousins—enjoy your day off and precious time with friends and family.

While you’re shopping online on Cyber Monday, (I mean working, right,) think about how easy and convenient e-commerce is, and maybe how neat it would be if your customers could do the same on your website.

Here’s a little video of what could possibly be the best Thanksgiving TV special of all-time—WKRP anyone?






About the Author

Norm McConkey

Norm McConkey has been involved in the print, imaging, and software/tech business since 1993. Holding executive level positions in a number of emerging technology firms, he founded PrintFleet in 2003, and Tangent MTW in 2009. A founding member of the MPSA, an award winning author and presenter, Norm has spoken at various industry events around the world including the Lyra Imaging Symposium, Photizo confernece, ITEX Tradeshow, Regional BTA conferences, Remax Europe, and World Expo. He has been contracted to consult and build go to market and sales training programs with several OEM manufacturers such as Canon USA, and HP, and distributors such as Parts Now and Supplies Network, as well Resellers including Office Depot. Norm’s current project, MPSToolbox (, is a software platform which helps technology dealers develop and maintain e-commerce websites.


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